Top 25 Bloggers of 2024: Success Stories & Earnings

Shanna Lindinger
April 12, 2024

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There has been much talk over the years about the end of blogging being near. But blogging hasn't died. It's only evolved into a lucrative career, rivalling traditional high-income roles.

In 2024, the financial achievements of top bloggers have been astounding.

Did you know the average CEO makes around $365,815 a year, plus bonuses?

On the Create and Go blog, they noted the top 100 listed bloggers make an average of $15,7 million in revenue. This is a little out there, sure. Still, Ryan Robinson's blog post reported average potential earnings of $30,000 to $50,000 in the first year and over $400,000 into the fourth year of blogging.

So if you think you'd never make it as a CEO, think again! 

A lot of us dream of making that kind of money, but how do we do it? In this blog, we'll look at who the best independent bloggers currently are and why they're so successful. screenshot of blog post on how much bloggers make.

The reality is that you don't have to be a CEO to make CEO-kind-of-money.

(True story) 

It's important to remember when looking at the best bloggers, that they're ordinary people like you and me. Most don't have any remarkable skills or extraordinary talent that makes them unique. Rather, what really sets them apart is their motivation and drive to make their online income dreams come true.

What Defines a Successful Blog?

  • Target Market Understanding: Top bloggers have a deep grasp of their audience, tailoring content to resonate with them.
  • Unique Perspective: They stand out with a distinctive point of view or niche.
  • Quality and Consistency: Regular posting of high-quality content is a common trait.
  • Effective Monetization: These bloggers excel at converting their content into income.

Criteria for Ranking the Top Bloggers

Our selection focused on:

  1. Income and revenue estimates.
  2. Traffic, social media presence, and engagement rates.
  3. Unique niche and content angle.
  4. Posting frequency and content quality.
  5. Monetization strategies and their effectiveness.

So let's see who these top ranking blogs and bloggers are, shall we?

The Top 25 Successful Blogs and Highest Paid Bloggers of 2024

1. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has earned an estimated income of over $3.5 million.

2. Michelle Schroeder from Making Sense of Cents has earned an estimated income of $2.5 million.

3. Melyssa Griffin from has earned an estimated income of $2.2 million.

4. John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurs On Fire has earned an estimated income of $1.6 million.

5. Lindsay Ostrom from Pinch of Yum has earned an estimated income of up to $1.5 million.

6. Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog has earned an estimated income of at least $1.4 million.

7. Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose has earned an estimated income of $1.3 million

8. Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter has earned an estimated income of $1.2 million

9. Jon Morrow from Smart Blogger has earned an estimated income of over $1 million.

10. Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud has earned an estimated income of at least $900,000.

11. Matthew Woodward from has earned an estimated income of $850,000.

12. Ryan Robinson from has earned an estimated income of up to $750,000.

13. Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents has earned an estimated income of $700,000.

14. Michelle from Nomadic Matt has an estimated income over $600,000.

15. Sarah Titus from has an estimated income of at least $550,000.

16. Darren Rowse from Problogger has earned an estimated income of over $500,000.

17. Syed Balkhi from WPBeginner has an estimated income of $450,000.

18. Peter Sandeen from has an estimated income of over $400,000.

19. Heather and Pete Reese from It's a Lovely Life has an estimated income of $350,000.

20. Johnny FD from has earned an estimated income of $300,000.

21. Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits has an estimated income of over $250,000.

22. Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook has earned an estimated income of $200,000.

23. Jorden Makelle from Creative Revolt has an estimated income of $150,000.

24. Elaine Rau from LadyBossBlogger has an estimated income of $100,000.

25. Kristin Larsen from Believe in a Budget has earned an estimated income of $50,000.

Case Studies: The Top 5 Successful Blogs and Highest Paid Bloggers

1. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income is the guy to learn from if you're keen on learning how to make passive income. He's been blogging since 2008 and podcasting since 2010.

It's reported that he's made over $3.5 million since then and currently takes home in the region of $200,000 per month in revenue.

His secret? He's really honest and open about everything he knows. He's always trying new ways to make money, and his blog is a really great place to start if you're considering starting a blog or an online business.

A screenshot of the Pat Flynn About Page

2. Michelle Schroeder from Making Sense of Cents

Michelle Schroeder is one of the most successful personal finance bloggers out there and one of the first truly successful female bloggers I came across back in 2018 when I was just starting out on this journey.

She is reported to earn around $120,000 per month, and has earned over $2.5 million from her blog to date.

Her goal is to help people reach financial freedom and live their best possible lives. She's done this by consistently posting high-quality content on her blog. She posts multiple times a week and provides her readers with helpful tips and resources. Plus, her blog is an excellent example of how to make money from blogging.

Michelle Schroeder - Making Sense of Cents About Page

3. Melyssa Griffin from

Melyssa Griffin, now a blogger and entrepreneur, started her blog while still teaching English in Tokyo back in 2013. That shift to blogging and entrepreneurship has led her to make around $238,000 per month and over $2.5 million from her blog to date.

Melyssa's blog is about helping people grow their businesses and make money online.

Melyssa's secret to success is her unique angle and original voice. Melyssa also has several digital products and courses that she sells on her blog, which has helped her monetize her blog very successfully.

Melyssa Griffin About Page

4. John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurs On Fire

If you're a podcaster or blogger, you've probably heard of John Lee Dumas and Entrepreneurs on Fire. If not, you're most welcome.

He's made over $2 million and averages over $195,000 per month off of his blog. He interviews successful entrepreneurs and talks about their success stories. The old adage, success begets success, seems to fit right at home here.

But what makes John so successful? If ever sticking to your niche and being consistent were recipes for success, John Lee Dumas and Entrepreneurs on Fire would be proof of that pudding. John posts a few times a week, and he's got a huge following of people who are entrepreneurs or business owners. It's without saying, his blog is a great example of how to make money from your blog.

John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire About Page

5. Lindsay Ostrom from Pinch of Yum

It's no secret that Lindsay Ostrom from Pinch of Yum is one of the most successful food bloggers out there. She went from being a 4th grade teacher who now makes around $90,000 per month and has made over $1.5 million from her blog alone.

This is all thanks to her amazing content and gorgeous food pics.

Plus, she sells several digital products and online courses, which have allowed her to monetize her blog and make it a success.

Lindsay Ostrom, Pinch of Yum About Page

If there's one thing we've learned from the successful bloggers and the highest paid bloggers featured here, it's that consistency is key.

They all post great quality content consistently, which helps them build a strong following. Another thing we've learned is that having a unique point of view or niche is key. Every blogger on our list has their own unique identity and perspective, which allows them to stand out from the crowd.

They know how to monetize and make money from their blogs. And they all have a number of ways to make money, like selling digital products, teaching courses, doing affiliate marketing, or creating sponsored content.

Key Learnings from Successful Bloggers

Consistency in posting quality content and carving out a unique niche are pivotal. These bloggers excel in monetizing their platforms through diverse strategies like digital products, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content.

Characteristics of Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers share several common traits. They:

  1. Have a clear target audience and create content that speaks to them.
  2. Have a unique angle or niche that sets them apart from the rest.
  3. Post consistently and offer high-quality content.
  4. Know how to monetize their blogs successfully.

Bonus point. They are authentic and transparent, which helps them build trust with their audience.

Monetization Strategies of Successful Bloggers

If you're serious about monetizing your blog, you have a few options are available. As we've seen, successful bloggers use a number of monetization strategies to generate income from their blogs.

The most common ways for you to monetize your blog include the following:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Sponsored content
  3. Digital products
  4. Courses
  5. Advertising.

Bonus point. Successful bloggers know how to diversify their income streams so that they're not reliant on one source of income.


How to Start a Successful Blog and Become a Top Paid Blogger

If you want to become a top-paying blogger, it'll take a few things to get you there.

  1. You must figure out what makes your blog stand out from the crowd.
  2. You need to make sure you're writing good content consistently.
  3. You must build a following. You will do this by interacting with your readers and sharing your posts.
  4. You need to monetize your blog by using different streams to make money.
  5. You must be patient, consistent, and stick with it.

Lastly, but likely the most important point, is that you need to make peace with the fact that it will take time to reach the top.

Tools and resources for successful blogging

If your aim is to become a successful content creator or blogger, there are a number tools and resources to help you.

Some of the most popular blogging tools out there include, but are not limited to WordPress (or in my case, Webflow), Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ubersuggest, and Canva. There are also a number of blogging courses and resources that can help you better your skills and knowledge base but the best piece of advice I can give you is to take action sooner than later.


To recap, the top 25 most successful and highest paid blogs of 2024 all have several things in common. They have a unique angle or niche, post regularly, provide quality content, and know how to monetize or make money from their blog. So if you're keen to start a blog and make it to the top, take inspiration from the most successful bloggers we've featured here. Dig further into how each of them have become successful. Remember that it does take time and dedication to be successful, but if you have the right mindset and plan, you can reach your blogging goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What specific strategies did these bloggers use to grow their traffic and audience initially?

A: Bloggers typically grow their audience by creating high-quality, relevant content targeted at their niche, using SEO strategies to improve search visibility, engaging with their audience on social media, and leveraging email marketing to retain readers.

Q: How do these bloggers manage content creation and time management, especially those who might also have other commitments or jobs?

A: Many successful bloggers prioritize time management by planning their content in advance, using scheduling tools to maintain a consistent posting rhythm, and sometimes outsourcing tasks such as graphic design or social media management to focus on content creation.

Q: What role do collaborations and networking play in their success stories, and how did they approach these opportunities?

A: Collaborations and networking can significantly impact a blogger's success through guest posting on other blogs, collaborating on content with influencers in their niche, and participating in blogging communities or events to build relationships and increase visibility.

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